LP: Unleash

How should I be loved? With fire and fight? Extremes with no middle, no end? Only the salt of sweat, the heat of tears, the constant rumble of apology. Yet I crave its burn. I want to push past your edges. Feel the madness it stirs in your starless spaces. Then ask you to unleash … Continue reading LP: Unleash

WIP: Separation – ChapterS 1 & 2

The first two chapters of my current work in progress. Romcom silliness with an extra large side of steam below. Rated M for Must Read (if you're a grown up 18+). If you have any feedback, feel free to reach out in the contact box. Thank you for reading! Chapter 1 – A Room with … Continue reading WIP: Separation – ChapterS 1 & 2

LP: Revenant

I'll wait. For time to stretch out like the tide reaching through dimension and resurrection slipping like silk against skin, your touch delayed then relayed with rapture spiraling faster and faster to burn your memory into my mind. I'll wait. For dead suns to pull me into their horizons rejoining the infinite and revenant ending … Continue reading LP: Revenant